Why Maxed Out?


About Maxed Out Entertainment

Maxed Out Entertainment started with a simple vision  – Provide top tier entertainment for premium events that deserve it all.

Fancy, but what’s it mean?

If you’re looking for a couple of speakers, a few Christmas lights and a laptop with canned playlists loaded; you’re covered! I mean, you won’t find it here, but it’s available.


If you’re the person who wants the BEST party with the biggest WOW factor, The type who gets loud when the DJ drops that perfect jam and goes crazy when the light show hits the music just right.. YOU are the reason I started Maxed Out Entertainment.

Maxed Out Entertainment specializes in WOW. With breathtaking lighting packages to industry leading sound systems that bring your music to life, I know what tools work to make your celebration a success. Together, we’ll pull memories from moments and make your event a truly unique experience.

Events like yours are dreamed about for years, or even decades. Tell me your dream and I’ll show you my plan. After our initial consultation I’ll know your favorites, least favorites, and everything in between. I’ll be right there with you every step of the way. Maxed Out Entertainment isn’t for everyone, but we might be right for you. 

Let’s do this

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